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There are many friends at Walk With Rosie who are sadly no longer here to walk with us but live on in our hearts and fond memories..... Now Walk with Rosie is nearly 10 years old we have had to say Goodbye to so many of our beloved friends but its wonderful to share such lovely memories and photos...

Very sadly and suddenly we had to say goodbye to lovely little Ellie.

She had a wonderful time with all her friends and will be remembered mainly for treats treats treats!!

Nan Brice - many of you will have heard of the famous 'Roast Dinner Night' which takes place every Thursday evening in the Brice household! Until she very sadly passed away Nan would be ready in her chair with a bag of Marks and Spencer dog treats and the dogs would zoom in and sit straight away waiting for their goodies! I think they all miss their Nan as much as the family do. 

Barney is still missed every day he was my first very own dog and he taught me alot! 

Sadly we have lost lovely Dizzy - she loved walkies and rolling in anything smelly! 

Very sadly we have had to say goodbye to Minx who had 14 wonderful years. She will be missed by all and remembered mainly for her great character and tree hopping!

Very sadly we have also lost Riley, Bristol's brother, very suddenly. He loved his walkies and was very well known for his beautiful nature and cuddles. He will be missed amongst all his doggy pals and human fans!

Bailey has sadly left us after 12 amazing years, he had a wonderful life and loved his swims and playing ball.

Lovely Graham with Sammy, very sadly Graham is no longer with us but is with his previous furry friends beautiful Max and Meg. Graham and his wife Marie gave me alot of love and support with Walk with Rosie right from the start.

Jessie, Willow and. Rogue three beautiful friends who have all sadly passed away and Bentley now walks with Rosie and his doggy friends

Chester and Dudley loved their walks with their friends - and Dudley his swims!

Very sadly Sophie, Max, Minx and Ellie here are all gone but Henry still enjoys life with his friends. 

Daisy was taken far too soon but loved her time with her pals. Pictured here with her black Flat Coat friends. 

Griffey enjoyed many a happy walk with her friends swimming and chasing balls!

Beautiful Willo, Josh and Dino we have some very special memories of such fun times on Wells beach.

Kato loved his walks with his friends in Sharnbrook

Bruce having fun in Riseley woods!

Scooby enjoyed lots of walks with his furry friends!

Ellie, Molly and Minx all gone but never forgotten. 

Carter loved his walks, his friends and life in general! His friend Harvey has now passed away too but Bracken is still mad as ever. 

From a naughty little puppy to a lovely old gent Jake enjoyed many lovely walks with us and his Dad Andy.

Lovely Mollie used to enjoy walkies - right back in her Happy Dog days up to her little strolls with sister Callie and Auntie Rosie.

Dear Rufus has very sadly passed away after walking with us right from the start he will be missed by all.

Sadly Buddy has joined Poppy both well into their old age always up for walkies right to the end

Very sadly Gill has passed away - Ellie's previous Mum she had many happy years with all her doggy friends

Lovely Barney is no longer with us for walkies - he will be mostly remembered for trying to get in the dog van at the mill!

Bonzo has sadly passed away after having a lovely life with his family and new sister Luna.

The lovely Bruce...

Ollie loved his visits from his pals when he wasn't able to come for walkies any more.

Harvey the oldest little man of the group has sadly passed away but has gone to join his friend Carter.


Very Sadly Oz 'Chunky' has left us. A very handsome and simply lovely boy. 

Sadly Mac and Robbie are no longer with us for walkies but have joined their girlfriends Ellie and Minx over the rainbow bridge.  

Ruby loved her walks with her friends and especailly liked her swims and cold weather!

My aim at Walk With Rosie is to use my knowledge and experience in Animal Care to provide the best personal service possible to suit you and your pets' needs.

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