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The Dog Blog....

Have a look and see what your canine friends have been up to whilst out and about with Rosie 

Bentley and Jensen enjoying the sunshine!

Hello Healey are you being a good boy?

Amongst the bluebells - Ruby, Leo, Ellie, Taio, Alfie and Brodie!

And up the woods with Ossian too!

It's treat time with Joyce! Reggie, Martha, Vita, Ellie, Flossie, Iska and Ruby!!!

Little and Large......Ellie and Wiggles!

Hey Lola!

Wow this bone is the same size as me!!!

Enjoying the water Mickey &Milly....

Hey Mr Dylan!

Fun over in Great Denham! Its chase time!!!

Time for a dip!!!

Having a little rest Flash!

Hi Bristol where is your ball!

Can I have a treat please says Aston!!

Run Vita run!!!

Time for a little paddle Dingle and co!

Early morning sunshine! Ellie, Alfie and Brodie!

Can you see me says Banjo!!!

Ellie, Brodie and Ruby! Summer time!

Sharnbrook Play!!!

Little dog walkies!!! Ellie Mac, Robbie and Ruby!

Rufus P and Fawn! Tragically Rufus P is no longer with us but he LOVED his friends and his walks, especially in the river. He will be missed by all. 

Taio and Leo in the Spring time!

My aim at Walk With Rosie is to use my knowledge and experience in Animal Care to provide the best personal service possible to suit you and your pets' needs.

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