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The Dog Blog....

Have a look and see what your canine friends have been up to whilst out and about with Rosie 

Little, Little and LARGE!

I like being out with Ruby, Ellie, Flossie and Iska says Dukie! Makes me look bigger!

Play time! But Roo is worn out!

Time for family walkies!

Ossian, Ellie and Dingle do a little exercise!

Fun in Riseley woods!

Frosty playtime in Clapham! 

Come on Dooley says Flash!

I'm waiting for my treats! Say Woody, Ossian and Ellie!!

Auntie Rosie, I was so busy chasing around with Luna and Roo I have lost my ball! Also where is my posh coat?!

Hi Taz! 

Hello Dooley! Having a rest!

Here is your ball says Bristol!

Faster Ossian Flash is in coming!

Brodie and Ruby enjoying the sunshine in Sharnbrook! 

Auntie Rosie give us back the ball! 

Quick it's treat lady!

Lovely sunny start to the day in Riseley with Luna, Ossian, Ellie, Taio and Leo!

Very handsome Dylan!

Hello Auntie Rosie says Reggie!

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