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Have a look and see what your canine friends have been up to whilst out and about with Rosie 

Group walkies with Blake, Roo, Dingle, Ellie, Luna, Rosie and Bella! And Mum and Dad!!



Fun in the woodlands! Rosie, Ellie, Luna, Taio and Leo!

Kempston walkies with Luna, Rosie, Reggie, Dingle, Martha and Dylan!

In the sunshine with Ossian, Dukie, Healey, Dooley, Luna and Bristol!

Fun in Clapham with Leo, Rosie, Dukie, Luna, Ellie and Taio!

Hello Robbie, Ellie and Mac!


Great Denham walks with Ossian, Bentley, Jensen, Dooley, Bristol and Healey!

Ellie and her boys Mac and Robbie!!

Autumn with Ellie, Ossian, Wiggles and Ruby!

Cute couple Dukie and Ellie!

Frosty start in Riseley with Leo, Ellie and Taio!

Hi Wiggles!!!

Don't we look cute say Rosie, Ellie and Luna in tree hopping lessons!!

Healey, Bentley, Jensen, Dooley, Banjo, Flash and Bristol at Great Denham!

Reggie, Martha, Ruby, Bristol, Healey and Ellie visit Clapham woods!

Wiggles with little friends Flossie, Iska, Ruby and Ellie!

New hat Martha! 

Play time Roo and Bella!!

and Rosie and Luna!

My aim at Walk With Rosie is to use my knowledge and experience in Animal Care to provide the best personal service possible to suit you and your pets' needs.

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