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The Dog Blog....

Have a look and see what your canine friends have been up to whilst out and about with Rosie 

Bristol, Bentley and Banjo over Great Denham!

Ellie, Taio and Leo watching the sun come up in Riseley!

Banjo and his ball in Sharnbrook!


Come on everyone says Flash!

That really is my bed Dingle - says Bristol!

Mac, Robbie and Ellie in Clapham Woods in the sunshine!

Hello Martha!

I have no idea why you are all lookiong at Auntie Rosie when there is a squirrel up that tree says Dingle!!!

Hiya Ellie!

I'm hoping to be on this years John Lewis advert... says Bracken!

The wind swept look is working Dooley!

Wiggles, Ellie, Gizmo and Rufus P in the sunshine in Clapham Woods!

Someone has my ball! Says Bristol!

Good morning Leo, Taio, Ellie and Banjo! Off walking in Riseley!

That's better Dingle thinks I now see Auntie Rosie has treats and a ball!

Look I've found a ball Mummy!

See if I get on a log like Minx used to I can be as tall as the bigger doggies!

This is my cousin Tyo! Says Gizmo! He's come to stay!

Wiggams! In the sunshine!

Did someone say the chicken was ready! Dingle and Roo at roast night! It's a hard life!

Frosty start to the day....

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