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Photo Gallery....

Sophie, Max, Henry, Minx and Ellie out in the snow!!! Sadly Max and Sophie are no longer with us but loved their walks.

Minx and Ellie on the beach!

Ellie and Minx with their friend Koda!

Maud the tortoise! On holiday with Minx and Ellie in Norfolk!

Working the fields!

Fun at the seaside with Mischif, Shadow, Minx, Ellie, Willo and Lilly

Fun at Discover Dogs with friends Sally, Keith and Willo, Joshua and Mischief!

Brodie doing some light reading!

Santa Paws!!!

Ossian in the snow!

A beautiful frosty morning in Sharnbrook! Minx and Flossie!

Taio and Leo playing in the woods in the snow!

Mac and Robbie - 'If we look cute do we get treats?!'

Bailey Boo!

Ellie and Riley!

Bristol, Banjo and Ace!

Flatties are us - Daisy, Bentley, Woody, Jensen and Henry!

Fun in the fields!

Fun over in Riseley! Ellie, Taio, Dukie, Ruby, Wiggles, Leo and Flossie!

Fun with Chunky!

Riseley walkies! Leo, Ellie, Daisy, Henry and Taio!

Minnie Minx!

Mickey, Milly and Ellie Bellie!

Terriers all go! Mac, Robbie with girlfriends Minx and Ellie!

Woodland selfie!

Frosty morning! Leo, Taio, Minx, Ellie and Brodie!

Spot the Flash!

Brodie and Dizzy in the bluebells!

Christmas Booties!

Flash in the summer flowers!

And Maissie too!

Blue skies and hay bales! Ossian and Banjo!

Terriers in the woods! Clapham!

Winter walkies with Minx, Ossian, Leo, Ellie, Giz and Taio!

More chilly mornings in the sunshine!

Sunrise in Riseley!

Best Friends! Jensen, Reggie and Bentley!


Littles and Larges! Wiggles, Minx, Ellie and Ruby!

Out on the Charity Santa Stroll!

Banjo, Reggie and Maissie!

Very handsome Wiggles!

Brotherly love Bristol and Riley..

When I grow up I'm going for walkies with my big brother Reggie!

Hello Roo Pot's!

On the move!

Auntie Rosie said NO STICKS! Spot the Minx!

Clapham Woods in  the Autumn with Banjo, Roo, Ellie, Minx, Brodie and Reggie!

Ollie and Banjo!

Seaside time Roo!

Lovely Dizzy!

Oz Chunky with the girls!

Harvest time!

Ossian - Lord of the woodlands!

Koda on the beach at Sea Palling!

Taio and Leo cold and frosty morning!

Hi Bentley!!!

Father and Daughter - Razor and Roo!

Does my bum look big in this Minx!? Says Titch!

Sunny Days!

Hey Rufus P!

Terrier Time! Spot the odd breed out!

Chilly morning in Bedford Park!

Sunny woodland walk with Ruby, Woody, Gizmo, Taio, Leo and Ellie!!!

Give me my ball back Banjo says Flash! I've just stolen it from Bristol!!

Banjo and Jensen!

Look what a cute puppy I was! Says Leo!

Sea Palling.... Minx and Ellie on the sand dunes!

Ellie, Minx, Dingle, Dizzy and Alfie over Biddenham Loop!

Aston in the flowers and theres Brodie too.....

Here I am says Brodie!

Have some kisses Bentley says Ossian!

Bertie, Lottie and Tara!


Playtime Flash and buddy Aston!

Early morning playtime!

Chase time in the frost Taio, Leo and Ruby Russ!

Lovely Lola!

I found it so it's mine!

Banjo and Dizzy!

Hi Aston!

He's behind you Minx! Its Mr Wiggles!

Perfect balance Minx!

Hey Ellie!

Do you think she will let us out soon!!!! Reggie and Lola!

Time for Doggie Gymnastics Flash says Vita!

Lurcher Family! Dad Razor, Mum Kur, Son Prince and daughters Luna and Roo!

Hey Hector!

Run Bracken they all went that way!!!

Look how cute I is! Says Callie!

I really don't think you fir in here too Rufus your too BIG! Says Ruby!

Beautiful Martha!

Did someone say sausages!!!

Don't squash the flowers Banjo!

Hello Dooley!

I'm soooo happy on walkies! Say's Ossian!

Brothers Bentley and Jensen!

Mac, Robbie and their girlfriend Ellie!

My aim at Walk With Rosie is to use my knowledge and experience in Animal Care to provide the best personal service possible to suit you and your pets' needs.

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