Caring for Your Furry Friends

Your pets will be collected and returned in comfort with my specially designed van.  Each individual travel unit is secure to ensure their safety throughout with air conditioning for warmer weather 


We Have Everything Your Pet Needs.

Walks with Rosie are FUN! With varied locations and new sniffs everywhere they go...

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Dog Walking

Providing a walking service  in and around the Bedford area

Walkies last for about an hour and differ in location providing a fun and varied outing for your furry friends, new sniffs & pals to play with  


The times of the walks are adapted to suit your dogs needs depending on when they are going to be left alone and to break up the day

Pet Grooming

Your canine friend can now enjoy a  'spruce up and pooch pamper' in my purpose-built grooming room 

Here they can have a quiet and relaxed experience where they have my one-to-one attention

I pride myself on providing a bespoke service where we can ensure your pet is preened and pampered and left looking and feeling great  

Drop in Care, Feeding & Nail Clipping

There are times when 'Walkies' are not suitable for your canine companions, for example with older or younger pets and also those who may be recovering from illness, surgery or injury

In such cases, a 'Pop in' visit may be more appropriate so your furry friends can enjoy some company, cuddles, and one to one attention 


Is Your Pet Ready?

New friends, New locations & loads of new sniffs...