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My aim at 'Walk with Rosie' is to use my knowledge and experience in animal care to provide the best personal service possible to suit your pets needs.

Tel: 07825 543317


Address: Bedford

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"I first met Rosie through my Mum and her dog Stanley when they walked together in Sharnbrook. When I became the flustered dog owner of a very naughty rescued Tibetan Terrier (the infamous Vita), Rosie was invaluable. Under her expert supervision Vita's manners improved more than I could ever have imagined. It was, of course, the owner that needed training, not the dog! Although Stanley and my parents are sadly no longer with us, Rosie has remained a great friend and Vita's favourite person. Her outings with 'Auntie Rosie' are the highlight of Vita's life and she even enjoys her regular grooming sessions. You can see from the Dog Blog how smart Vita looks after a trim. Rosie has a genuine love for all animals and I trust her knowledge and judgement in any and every situation."

K Cimino

"I have known Rosie for over ten years and always have her tend my animals - dog, cat, chickens, pigs and horses - when I go on holiday. She helped me find and train our lovely dog Avro. She is very well trained, efficient and above all a caring, lovely person who I trust to look after my animals in any situation."

D Bailey

"Flash really loves his walks with Rosie. I love that he gets walked in a pack and that I always get a note telling me what he has been up to. As a first time dog owner, I have benefited hugely from Rosie's knowledge and advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services."

A Cox

"I have known Rosie since Dukie was 10 weeks old - he is now nearly 6 years old. I trust Rosie with Dukie's life, she is totally devoted to him when he is with her and I know that he is well walked (comes back exhausted!) Rosie looks after him like one of her own dogs. Dukie has walks with Rosie when we need her help and I couldn't imagine anyone else looking after my dog!"


"I contacted Rosie when Reggie was about 7 months old. She took him on puppy walks until her was old enough to join the main group. Reggie loves going out with Rosie and all his friends and her walks have helped him with his socialisation and recall. Rosie is reliable and honest and she always goes the 'extra mile' not only for the dogs but with the help and support for their owners as well. thank you Rosie"


"I love Rosie soooo much! My name is Iska and I am a Jack Russell Terrier! I met Rosie in 2010, shortly after she started her own business. My owner had to go into hospital and was out of action for 6 weeks, so Rosie came every day and took me for a long walk.

Rosie looked after me when my owner had to go into hospital again and now Rosie comes every Friday morning and takes me for a long walk in the fields and down by the river. I know when it is Friday and I sit on the table in the front room and bark when the van turns onto the drive and squeal with excitment!

I have heard my owner saying that she does not know what she would do without Rosie. Neither do I, we hope she continues her walks for years to come!"


"I was lucky enough to be Rosie's first customer and have known her since 2010. Rosie loves my boys like they were her own and they love her more. I trust her totally with my most precious friends and could not recommend her more highly. In all the years looking after my boys she has never once let me down and I go to work every day knowing she will collect them as arranged and they will come back exhausted and happy. I do not know what I would do without her."

Caroline Chapman

"Walks with Rosie are enjoyed by both my dogs Taio and Leo. Rosie has become family to Taio and Leo, they love her and look forward to seeing her. I would be lost without my dog walker angel Rosie who always goes that extra mile for her furry friends/family."


"Rosie has been walking my dogs for many years now and truly is the best dog walker in Bedfordshire. Jack and Tilly greet her every time she comes to the office or home with such excitement that you can tell they really adore her and their walkies. She cares very much for dogs and is extremely knowledgeable on our furry friends. She leaves adorable notes post walks and I know that they have been walked properly and made some great dog pals along the way. I cannot recommend Rosie enough. She is incredibly trustworthy, kind, conscientious and has a wonderful personality."

Liz Simmonds

"I have only known Rosie for four years but can honestly say I don't know how I would have managed without her in that time. I have three dogs, one of which has heart problems. So when I've been working long shifts at work or needed to be away from home for any reason, Rosie has come to check on my dogs, let them out for a toilet break, spends time with them playing in the garden and medicating if necessary. So it's not just 'walkies' Rosie offers, her pop in service has been invaluable!

They always love to see her and we keep a 'diary' in case either of us wants to leave messages or instructions which I have found very reassuring. Rosie will always help out for those last minute situations if she can and has also fed and watered all three dogs and my three cats which is no mean feat! Rosie is a lovely lady who always has a smile for pet and human! She clearly loves animals and my dogs adore her in return. Highly recommended."

Clare Easingwood

'My name is Lola and I'm a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. I am five and a half years old and I have been walking with Rosie since I was  tiny pup! I love my walks so much and when Rosie comes to pick me up I get so excited! She makes such a fuss of me, which I love, and then takes me off for fun with my friends, including Bonzo and Flash, but my particulr favourite is Reggie. He's very handsome! As well as my fabulous walks, I have also been looked after by Rosie - I love those days because I spend the whole time outside, and Rosie introduces me to other animals like horses and tortoises. If I'm honest, I'd really prefer to live with Rosie. I love her so much!'

Lola Ridley

'I would highly recommend Walk with Rosie as Rosie provides a reliable service where a dog can enjoy exercise and social interaction with it's own kind in a safe and controlled environment, on a variety of walks. I have been using Rosie for over two years and I have no worries in entrusting a valued member of my family in her care.'


'Rosie has been walking and caring for our Old English Sheepdog Dooley for over 5 years now, ever since Rosie was deservedly recommended by a fellow dog owner in the village. Rosie is an extension of the family and is always thinking of Dooley's wellbeing and happiness. Dooley is always happy to see Rosie (and his friends) and loves his walks during the week when we are away at work. Thanks for always being there Rosie!'

Frank and Kirstie, Bromham.

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