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My aim at 'Walk with Rosie' is to use my knowledge and experience in animal care to provide the best personal service possible to suit your pet's needs.

Your canine friends can now enjoy a ‘spruce up’ in my purpose-built grooming room in an environment where the process is an enjoyable and positive one. 

My individual appointments provide an opportunity for your furry friends to enjoy some ‘pooch pampering’. Here they can have a quiet and relaxed experience where they have my one to one attention whilst having the opportunity to make new friends. 

I pride myself in providing a bespoke service and specialise mainly in pet clips best suited to your individual pets’ needs, coat types and their daily activities.


We can take the time to discuss their coat requirements, likes & dislikes, allergies, etc… to ensure you are happy your pet is in safe and capable hands in a well-equipped secure area. 


Products used are natural and gentle.

Your pet’s groom will include:

  • Bath and Dry

  • Ear pluck (where necessary) and clean 

  • Teeth clean

  • Nail clipping & Paw tidy

  • Clip and trim/thin where necessary 

  • General health and coat check 

  • Eye clean and trim ​

Price Guide

This varies according to coat type and  condition 

Small dogs - between £45 & £50

Medium dogs - between £50 & £60

Large dog - between £55 & £70

'Puppy Pack' - starts from £35...

A 'Puppy Pamper' is a fun and relaxed introduction into the grooming room where your puppy can come and explore and get used to the sights, smells and sounds of the grooming environment whilst enjoying a little pamper.  This will give them the chance to have another new experience which will be a positive one to set them up for future visits as they grow. They will have a full body check over and a bath & blow-dry!  Ears, teeth, and nails will be checked and a little trim if necessary - also lots of cuddles given!  I can give advice on how to look after the coat between visits and which equipment will best suit the coat type. 

Groom Gallery

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