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Out in Riseley with Dingle, Roo, Mickie, Millie and Banjo!

Mickie and Millie at Priory!

Brodie, Mickie, Millie and Roo at the country park!

Tilly and Iska racing in Sharnbrook!

Dylan, Iska, Tilly, Dingle and Banjo out in Sharnbrook!

Sisters Roo and Luna, Dingle, Jensen, Banjo, Morris and Betty at Gt Denham fields!

Betty, Roo, Jensen, Dylan and Morris having a cool off at Kempston Mill!

Martha, Healey and Reggie in Clapham woods!

Dingle, Jensen, Lola, Reggie and Martha at Great Denham!

Banjo enjoying the Sunshine in Clapham fields!

Martha, Lola, Jensen, Dingle, Dylan, Reggie and Roo over in Gt Denham!

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