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Drop in Care, Feeding & Nail Clipping

There are times when ‘walkies’ are not suitable for your canine companions, for example with older or younger pets and also those who may be recovering from illness, surgery, or injury.  In such cases, a ‘Pop In’ visit may be more appropriate so your furry friends can enjoy some company, cuddles, and one to one attention. Also to provide a comfort break in the garden or a short stroll locally where suitable.

Other Pop in visits can be helpful for:


Pet Feeding and providing fresh water

Administering medication

Cleaning out litter trays and animals accommodation


For cats and small animals home visits are a great alternative to using a cattery so they can stay in their own familiar environment whilst you are away or working. They can enjoy one or two visits to break up the day.

I can also offer plant watering, removal of the post, put out the bins, close/open curtains/blinds, and leave lights on for added security of your home.

Regular updates and photographs will be provided so you can see what they have been up to!

 I have experience of working with many animals from tortoises to horses.

Louis & Merlin
Enjoying the Garden!
Stitch, Maud & Mosey
Maud & Mosey
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