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Dog Training

My aim at 'Walk with Rosie' is to use my knowledge and experience in animal care to provide the best personal service possible to suit your pet's needs.

Getting things right from the start...

Many problems which develop with your pets' in your home can be avoided so you and your pet can lead a happy and harmonious life right from the first day. Choosing the right dog and breed to suit your home, lifestyle and family is incredibly important, as is putting in place boundaries and house rules for you both to follow. 

You can often prevent many of the problems developing by getting your choices right from the start. If you are thinking of getting a puppy why not contact Rosie to discuss first your breed choices, where you go to look for a responsible and reputable breeder or rescue centre. 

A well trained and sociable dog is a happy dog, a happy and relaxed dog means a happy owner and a happy home.

Puppy Training can start right from day one, just because your puppy cannot go out and about on the ground until after their vaccinations, doesn't mean they cannot leave the house to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the new exciting world around them. 

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Contact Rosie to discuss how to start training and socialising straight away, the most crucial time to start this process is between 8 - 12 weeks, don't miss out on this time. 

There are many problems that can develop after you new pet has 'settled in' even if things appear to be going smoothly from their arrival. 

Common Problems:

            Pulling on the lead 

            Displaying signs of antisocial behaviour or aggression

            Destructive in the home


            Toilet Training 

             Separation Anxiety

             Eating Difficulties 

             Signs of stress and anxiety or certain behaviours such as tail chasing 

             Lack of general obedience and good manners


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