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Dog Walking

My aim at 'Walk with Rosie' is to use my knowledge and experience in animal care to provide the best personal service possible to suit your pet's needs.

The highlight of any dog's day is 'Walkies' and all the ingredients to make that the most fun and special time of the day are provided.


Walkies last for around an hour and differ in location providing a fun and varied outing for your furry friends with new sniffs and pals to play with. 


Although the main aim at Walk with Rosie is to have fun!  It is very important that all doggies have basic obedience and good manners in order to freely run and enjoy themselves.  All training is reward-based and we take tasty treats and toys to ensure your dogs are happy to return when called. Recall is essential for them to go off lead however long leads are available where required.

Our friend Sally at Dogs Understood also offers excellent behaviour and training and advice.

Unfortunately, we can only take friendly, sociable dogs on the walks and some older dogs find the energetic group walks too much.  It is also crucial to build up walking gradually in younger dogs before they can join the longer busier pack walks.

The walks are designed to suit all the dog's individual needs accounting for their age & ability. 

Walks start at £12 per hour and we travel to a suitable location where your pets can run, play and swim if it's safe to do so.

Travel time is not included in the walk time.

Regular updates and photographs will be provided to keep you up to date with their adventures and which friends they have been out to play with today!

Your pets will be transported in comfort in my specially designed van.  Each individual travel unit is secure to ensure safety throughout with air conditioning for warmer weather.

Training Walks


Walk with Rosie's Training Walks are a great and fun way to socialise your furry friends whilst picking up hints and tips on training methods such as recall and lead walking.


They provide a safe opportunity to build your pets confidence and polish up on their general obedience whilst in a pack environment.

Walks are carried out in suitable locations where playtime in the water can be included. Rosie will choose canine friends taking into consideration their size, age and ability. It's a great way for puppies to learn good manners when mixing with other dogs as well as meeting different people, animals in different environments.

Long lines are available to use if your pet is not yet off the lead. 

Walk with Rosie Ltd is fully insured, Safe Key Holding, and CRB checked.

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